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In light of concerns of COVID-19

Canada Berries would like to take this opportunity to express our commitment to the Health and Safety of its Customers and employees.

For any Questions, please text to +1 6043691718.

We aim to build our national and international brand,

by offering to our local customers and international visitors something special and unique. 


Recently, we received many emails
from individuals, reporting they got the job offer from Canada Berries.

Some scammers frequently misappropriate and use Canada Berries’s logo and job offer. These scammers will try to use information they get from you to steal your money using the Internet and social media.

Once you have lost money in a
scam, it may be impossible to get it back. Canada Berries hereby declare we are not hiring anyone and we have already reported to RCMP.

We delivered the Best, Healthy and Niche Canadian berries

Elixir of Life 1 (Digestive Tonic)

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With many years of experience in local operations and international business trading, we are prepared to lead the industry to develop superior Canadian products. 

We focus on different berry products – wine, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics, as well as new product development, R&D, sales and consolidating the industry. Well informed on what the market is searching for, we will also be helping local companies to manufacture and promote sales for berry related goods. 

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