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Elixir of Life 1 (Digestive Tonic)

Canada Berries

Elixir of Life 1 (Digestive Tonic)

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This blend of fermented botanicals offers synergistic benefits and provides both the medical actives normally found in peppermint, lemon grass, black tea, and also offers them in their bioavailable forms – which is a more effective and safe form! 

Additionally, unlike other herbal extracts, this tonic is fermented. It contains beneficial bacteria and actives created during fermentation not found in other extracts - active enzymes, B vitamins, and organic acids.

 The bacteria and the new actives not only help relieve digestive problems, but it also can RESTORE the gut.


An innovative Canadian company, providing fermented botanical formulas more powerful and safer than traditional plant extracts.

Scientifically Based

Benefiting from the wisdom of ancient healing traditions, we develop safe and effective products using cutting edge scientific research.


Ecologically Committed

This patented bio-process is nontoxic and respects the limited resources of our planet.